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Be Your Last

Within 2 days Jan 15th, The Secret Affair shall re-open with the theme ‘Untamed Purity’. Such talented designers have not held back in creating such beautiful items, so A+ to all their hard work! Below i have featured just a few of the highly detailed items that you too shall be able to buy. Enjoy.



Skin~ [theSkinnery] Quiana

Hair~ little bones. Haute coming SOON @ The Secret Affair!

Head-piece~ .ARISE. Lunie Headpiece coming SOON @ The Secret Affair!

Tunic~ :V.e. Let This Be Your Last Battlefield Belted Tunic @ The Secret Affair!

Pants~ Bueno -Leggings Metal

Boots~ lassitude & ennui Thylacine boots @ We<3 RP!

Armor~ PFC~Iron only @ The Secret Affair!!

Necklace~ Pure Poison – Kora Necklace @ Kustom9




Jan round The Secret Affair logo


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