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With The Secret Affair now closed, there are many other events about to open! For one We <3 RP, The Fantasy gacha Carnival, Enchantment and many many more. Below i am wearing a fine gown with much detail that will be available @ TFG! Along with this sweet dress i have added Gizza’s new super delicate headpiece which is an accessory for her new gown available in store! Let me not forget aislings bracelets and rings with an AMAZING color hud. The picture you may not see it well but for the coming post i will give a far better look at these MUST HAVES! Enjoy.


Skin~ [theSkinnery] Meysha @ mainstore!

Hair~ little bones Eros Taken@ Uber!

Dress~ *Cila*Siannodel coming soon @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Crown of roses~ GizzA – Frida Inspiration / Rose Headpiece NEW @ mainstore! read more



So yesterday i was invited to a celebration in Lydius for a Mid-Winter Solstice! If you enjoy roleplay or even building a story-line to continue there after, then keep your eyes open for their next event you can find much information <Here>! Included in my invitation was these words ” All men, women, and slaves will be invited to put on their best and dress in masquerade for an evening of celebration. It will be a night of moral ambiguity, lost inhibitions, and fortuitous rendezvous! For one night no prisoners will be taken, no blood spilled, punishment dealt and all people will be invited to drink and be merry.” ( a gorean based rp sim) The evening was filled with much role-play, conspiracies and thievery ( Which I’m in search of my gem encrusted golden band!) So needless to say i had a great time! Also let me remind everyone that within 4 days The Secret Affair will close its doors, so make those last minute purchases! Enjoy. read more


Into the Silence

The start off of The Secret Affair has gone over extremely well. Not only are there numerous of gorgeous items, but many male items! Below i just had to feature Lode’s Lavendar headpiece. Not only did i fall in love at first sight, but put on immediately after getting! Such a delicate piece to bring out a mood in any outfit! Also Peqe made a gown i believe while thinking of me!! Not only does this dress come in a nice color selection, but the feeling of purity was right on! Enjoy.


Skin~ [theSkinnery] Meysha NEW in store!

Beauty Marks~ Kibitz – Perfect beauty moles @ The Secret Affair!

Hair~ MOON // Hair // Unravel @ Kustom9!

Crown of Flowers~ *LODE* Head Accessory – Lavander NEW @ The Secret Affair!

Face jewel~ ieQED fancy.rustic. NEW @ The Secret Affair!

Dress~ PEQE – Olwen NEW @ The Secret Affair! read more



The Secret Affair has opened it’s doors and i hope you all have enjoyed it! I must say i am extremely proud of this round and the designers whom participated. Just from looking at the items available, you can tell the creators took much time in their work. Below i have featured ieQED, GIZZA, Pure Poison, Aisling & Luas. If you have yet to visit The Secret Affair here is your chance <Taxi> Enjoy.


Skin~ [theSkinnery] Meysha NEW and lovely!

Beauty Marks~ Kibitz – Perfect beauty moles…I just adore these beauty marks, make whatever skin your own unique look! @ The Secret Affair!

Hair~ .Olive. the Delilah @ Uber!

Face-Piece~ .:a:. Circlet Delh only @ The Secret Affair!

Crown~ ieQED fancy.rustic.headdress @ The Secret Affair!

Tunic~ GizzA – Ashly Leather Tunic NEW @ The Secret Affair! read more



With only days left before The Secret Affair opens, there will be many bloggers teasing you with what will be available! Below i have featured Zenith’s HOT new corset and matching headdress, which comes in 3 choices of colors! Items that come from Zenith are always wonderfully detailed, and this set will not disappoint! Enjoy.


Hair~ .~Tableau Vivant~ Celestia @ C88

Crown of Horns~ =Zenith=Vegan Faux Horn Headdress coming SOON @ The Secret Affair!

Corset and Nipple covers~ =Zenith=Leather Corset @ The Secret Affair opening Jan 15th @ 3 SLT.




Be Your Last

Within 2 days Jan 15th, The Secret Affair shall re-open with the theme ‘Untamed Purity’. Such talented designers have not held back in creating such beautiful items, so A+ to all their hard work! Below i have featured just a few of the highly detailed items that you too shall be able to buy. Enjoy.


Skin~ [theSkinnery] Quiana

Hair~ little bones. Haute coming SOON @ The Secret Affair!

Head-piece~ .ARISE. Lunie Headpiece coming SOON @ The Secret Affair!

Tunic~ :V.e. Let This Be Your Last Battlefield Belted Tunic @ The Secret Affair!

Pants~ Bueno -Leggings Metal

Boots~ lassitude & ennui Thylacine boots @ We<3 RP!

Armor~ PFC~Iron only @ The Secret Affair!!

Necklace~ Pure Poison – Kora Necklace @ Kustom9




Jan round The Secret Affair logo



With Uber underway as well as other events, none should have a problem looking their best! I still many items yet to be opened from Uber, but within the next dew days i will share them with you all! Also tomorrow We <3 Rp opens and WOW such beautiful things to be found  o. o Below i am wearing a couple items from some of the designers such as Zenith, random Matter and Zibska! Enjoy.


Skin~ DeeTaleZ Luna NEW @ Uber!

Hair~ little bones. Sapphire NEW @ Uber!

Top~ Foxes – Peplum Top NEW and lovely @ Uber!

Pants~ Bueno -Leggings Bronze..Best pants thus far and you can wear boots with A+

Fur~ Foxes – Faux Fur Stole NEW @ Uber!

Boots~ JD – Ara

Necklace1~ .random.Matter. – Seelie Necklace – Copper NEW @ We <3 RP! Opening Soon.

Crown & matching Necklace~ Zibska Zephyrine NEW @ We <3 RP opening on the 4th! read more



So i went first thing to Uber when it opened a few day ago and WOW. The selection of wonderful items was endless. I have so many more items to show you, but for now i have placed together a sweet lady-like ensemble. First and for most, super stoked about the beautiful head-piece made by Eudora 3D & ET Collab! Their combination has made the items available now A+Now Foxes/Birdy has drawn full attention to herself with a clothing line that has your turning! The fur which i must say is one of my favorites is just beautiful as well as the other 3 i got from her lol well done! Then i ventured over to FaMESHed and snagged up VE new dress, the draping fabrics when i seen the ad on flickr made me NEED this! Enjoy.


Skin~ DeeTaleZ Luna NEW @ Uber!

Eyeshadow~ d.Select eyeshadow gold glitter read more




  I have had many outfits saved but yet to be posted, so forgive me for slacking. The holidays have gotten me running, but below i was able to post 2 of my more favorite of combinations. Many events including the new Mid-winter fair, We <3 RP, Kustom9 and C88 have helped sculpt these looks so thank you to the designers and event organizers!


Hair~ little bones. Widow @ Kustom9!

Headpiece~ =Zenith=gypsy divine wreath (Red & Gold)

Eye-shadows ~ Nox…I combine many eye-shadows most days, and NOX is one designer that makes it certainly possible to blend several at a time!

Shoulder Piece~ .Enfant Terrible. Caelens Armor!

Leather Chest Piece~ May’s Soul Derire @ Mid-winter Fair.

Gown~ May’s Soul Derire RARE @ Mid-winter Fair!

Bracelets~ May’s Soul from past TSA available at her main-store! read more


Father Time

 I must say the past few days have been extremely busy for me, however i was able to place a couple outfits together and decided to post at once. My first picture i featured the god stopping gorgeous work from RO! Supreme details in which this designer is accustom to just blows me away as well as you once you snag it up! Only at The Arcade, so keep trying if you have yet to get there! Outfit 2 was one of my favorite gowns thus far from Zenith. A snow white pure feeling came over me when i placed the satin looking dress on, do make it a point to pop over to TTS to choose a wide variety of colors. Enjoy!

ro final

Outfit 1

Mask~ RO – Holiday Spirit – Father Time RARE @ The Arcade!

Wings~ RO – Holiday Spirit – Wings @ The Arcade!

body chain~ Noodles – Luna Chain Top Bronze NEW @ We <3 RP! read more


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