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The Secret Affair shall be once again re-opening on the 15th of July. This round I have selected ” To the Sands” a Gladiator/Roman theme! Thus far I have been so very pleased with the wonderful items being created. Below I have featured just one of the many from the designers @ RO. A gorgeous amazingly detailed crown fit for any goddess! Mark your calendars, for this round shall be opening within days. Enjoy!


Skin~ DeeTaleZ Leyna

Hair~ tram

Head piece~ RO – Eurial…NEW Coming soon @ The Secret Affair!

Chest piece~ ::Axix:: Naevia

Top~ (fd) Rose Top NEW @ C88

Rings~ ieQED irina


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 Within 2 days The Fantasy Gacha Carnival will once again open it’s doors! We have waited a long time now, and as the large array of items begin to our in, I have had  fun placing outfits together! Let us not forget Romp, We <3 RP & The Chapter Four is still underway, so many treasures to be had! Enjoy.


Top Pic

Sweater~ Baiastice_Cleo Sweater NEW @ C88!

Skirt~ Baiastice_Nayra Long Skirt NEW @ C88!

Head piece~ .Keystone. Numa Headpiece coming soon @ TFG!

Mannaquin~ Prince, Alice & blue all these beautiful pieces will be available @ TFG! A+
Bottom Pic

Dress~ PEQE – Domen available NOW @ Romp!

Face-piece~ ieQED niobe just beautiful and available now @ We <3 RP!

Floral Crown~*LODE* Head Accessory – Peony Crown @ The Chapter Four

Collar~ Pure Poison – Valeria Necklace @ We <3 RP!
flower1 read more



 With the many of event underway, my inventory is about to explode!! However Below with help from Duchess Flux  from Threads and Tuneage and her gorgeous image, we were able to bring life to just a few of the most beautiful items available from We <3 RP, C88, Seasons Story and SOON The Secret Affair! This round of The Secret Affair will be themed ‘Untamed Purity’ a soft pure feeling of warmth but held back with a strong untamed being! Yes i know my mind goes to strange placed when i am deciding what i wish to be created at my event lol! However The event shall open Jan 15th @ #SLT..More teasers later today! Enjoy.


On Duchess also take a look at her wonderful blog by clicking ~Threads and Tuneage!

DRESS: Annabelle Dress {brown} by May’s Soul ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {Jan 4 to Jan 30} read more


The Raven

  I would like to invite you to the opening of The Secret Affair which is now OPEN!! The theme was selected by me for i am a lover of Edgar Allen Poe and the feeling i was going for was perfect for such work as his. Below you will find a number of wonderful items that shall be available at the event! I must say i am so very pleased at the creativity my designers have used so a HUGE thank you for the time spent! Also my bloggers have done such fine inspiration posts they you can see by clicking here which shall bring you to the official webpage!


Skin~ [theSkinnery] Estelle

Hair~ little bones. Willow Tree NEW @ The Secret Affair!

Dress~ Zibska Greetje NEW @ The Secret Affair!

Wings~ Pure Poison – Broken Wings @ The Secret Affair!

Bracelets~ Chary Nevermore @ The Secret Affair!

Ring~ [whatever] Nevermore ring @ THe Secret Affair 😉 read more


Love of Mine

With The Secret Affair still going strong, don’t miss out on visiting before it’s to late! Sept 29th the doors will be closed for the beginning of set up for the September round! A theme has been chosen, a classic is the only hint i shall give, but do keep your eyes open for many more events to open. The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is right around the corner as well as a NEW event Mystic Realms Faire  for October! Below i snatched a few of my pretties from The Secret Affair, for one the headpiece from May’s Soul was one of my top picks, a beautiful rich gold to make any plain outfit look fab! Also Luminary’s dress i felt was well done, and the color selections was wide <3 Also don’t forget the .aislings. Valentine dress for the pieces can be matched with other items as shown 😉 Enjoy. read more



The time has come that once again The Secret Affair shall re-open on july 15th! This round i selected a romantic feel of medieval with a touch of William Shakespeare’s “A midsummer night’s dream”! Such a lovely combination, and below i am featuring a few treasures that will be available <3 One piece I must say was stunning, a hanging chandelier designed by RavenGhost Interiors Studio! The detail is overwhelming, not to mention tiny crystals to make your heart melt!  Another over the top item is a sweet romantic type of hair from Little Bones. Nova was able to not only create excellence with her textures and natural styles, but she has places a pearl wrap with delicate ribbons to finish off this must have!! Applause thus far and too from Luas with her armored dress ensemble that shall be available through her gacha! read more



  A few new items have been released from ieQED @ The Secret Affair! The gacha machine consists of numerous of highly detailed crowns for men and woman! Also ieQED’s NEW item for the event is a highly detailed arrow shoulder piece! Never does Sigi leave me disappointed in the least with her way of bringing to life something that is truly brilliant. Do remember to take a pop back over to The Secret Affair to snatch up the variety of NEW ITEMS 😉 


Dare Me.

Immediately after The Secret Affair has opened, a success it has become. With numerous of top designers all gathered together, it did not surprise me in the least. Below i have featured a warrior woman with a number of the items from not only The Secret Affair, but to We <3 RP! If you wish more added information about The Secret Affair click HERE and you wish will be granted! Enjoy.


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