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So yesterday i was invited to a celebration in Lydius for a Mid-Winter Solstice! If you enjoy roleplay or even building a story-line to continue there after, then keep your eyes open for their next event you can find much information <Here>! Included in my invitation was these words ” All men, women, and slaves will be invited to put on their best and dress in masquerade for an evening of celebration. It will be a night of moral ambiguity, lost inhibitions, and fortuitous rendezvous! For one night no prisoners will be taken, no blood spilled, punishment dealt and all people will be invited to drink and be merry.” ( a gorean based rp sim) The evening was filled with much role-play, conspiracies and thievery ( Which I’m in search of my gem encrusted golden band!) So needless to say i had a great time! Also let me remind everyone that within 4 days The Secret Affair will close its doors, so make those last minute purchases! Enjoy.


Skin~ [theSkinnery] Meysha

Hair~ little bones. Pine Needle

Crown~ =Zenith=gypsy divine wreath

Dress~ Luas Quala Dress @ The Secret Affair!

Undershirt~ – Doll Boutique – White lace catsuit

Body Paint~ +Nuuna+ Meta Aqua

Bracelets~ [The Forge] Lavendar Bracelets Project Limited!

Necklace~ (Yummy) Bead Shaker NEW @ N-Twenty1!

Mask~ {anc} tuner…Thank you Coldfrog for lending me this super sweet mask!




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  1. January 24, 2015    

    Beautiful picture!

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